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Tips for Selecting the Best Gluten-Free Restaurant

With the rising prevalence of celiac disease and gluten sensitivity, the consumer demand for gluten-free foods has skyrocketed in a bid to counter the effects of gluten intolerance. Gluten free meals have been ranked as one of the hottest trends among full service and sit down restaurant and as the top trend among quick service and fast food establishments, and that is according to an annual survey conducted by the National Restaurant Association. As a way of keeping up with the trend and trying to cater to the needs of gluten-intolerant customers, restaurants are upping their game by expanding their gluten-free menu offerings and also training their staff on how to prepare sumptuous gluten-free cuisine as well as on how to avoid cross-contamination. However, in as much as many food establishments are making great strides in preparing gluten-free meals, as a gluten-intolerant customer, you should tread carefully when dining out. The main reason behind this is that some restaurants may claim to prepare gluten-free meals when in the actual sense these meals may e prepared along items containing gluten, an aspect that gives room for cross-contamination. Finding the best gluten-free restaurant may be quite a daunting due to a large number of restaurants claiming to offer gluten-free cuisine in the market. Below are tips for finding the best gluten-free restaurant within your local area.

One of the most important factors you should put into consideration when looking for a gluten-free restaurant is certification. As a gluten-intolerant customer, it is quite hard to tell whether a meal is really gluten-free, hence the need to look for a restaurant that is certified by independent gluten-free awareness organizations such as the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness and the Gluten Intolerance Group to be guaranteed gluten-free meals. With such a restaurant, you will have peace of mind knowing that you have a reliable place to dine at as a gluten-intolerant consumer.

To find a reliable gluten-free restaurant, you may also need to check the online reviews and ratings for the various gluten-free restaurants within your locality. Through the unbiased views of the various clients, you will have an idea about the quality of services and meals offered by the various gluten-free restaurants within your local area, hence pick on that is most favorable for you. As a gluten-intolerant customer, it is advisable to settle on finer dining establishment rather than fast food or quick-service restaurant as the former offer a less hurried atmosphere and also tend to have more time to meet your needs.

Seeking recommendations from friends or colleagues that are also gluten-intolerant will also go a long way in helping to find a gluten-free restaurant that will best cater to your culinary needs. You should be wary of restaurants where a communication barrier is likely to occur due to language issue as the service staff may not easily understand your dietary restrictions.
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